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30 | 05 | 19

Do I Need a Bookkeeper For My Business Accounts?

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If you want to help your business grow, keep your records organised ahead of the sneaky tax deadlines and just sleep more peacefully at night, you’ll need a bookkeeper for your business accounts. This blog will help you decide whether to outsource or keep it in-house.



Why Outsource the Books For Your Business Accounts


If You Want to Save Time

Outsourcing your books can save time. Instead, you can focus on other day-to-day business tasks. Whether you’re new to bookkeeping or you have plenty of knowledge, it can be a challenge to stay on top of terms and new initiatives.


One of these is Making Tax Digital (MTD), the latest government scheme which is making businesses do their tax digitally.

Although, bookkeeping doesn’t need to take long. Check out useful blogs and glossaries so you become familiar with the terms or take advantage of free workshops and webinars offered by HMRC. There’s plenty out there to help make doing the books less of a chore.


If You Want One Less Thing to Worry About

Bookkeeping isn’t the most exciting of tasks. On top of making sure your business is a success, ensuring the books look accurate in any free time you have can seem like too much hassle.


Outsourcing the books can be the perfect option if you want one less thing to worry about.


That means no missed tax deadlines. Instead, you can use that valuable time to grow your business and know you’ve got one big job already taken care of.


If You Want to Take Advantage of Expert Services

Professionals in this area live and breathe bookkeeping. They’ll have years of experience, skills and maybe the technology to make sure your projects are completed on time.


Bookkeepers are always battling for more clients like you. For them to be chosen, they need to hone their skills so that they can stay ahead of their competition. To continue winning more clients, bookkeepers need to have the resources and skills to stay ahead of the curve.


While staying on top of the books for your business accounts is essential, it’s not something you need a degree or qualification in. You can do it yourself at home without any formal training.


Why Do the Books For Your Business Accounts In-House


If You Want Full Control and Visibility

By doing the books yourself, you’ll have a clear overview of everything that’s going on, from money coming in to cash going out. If there’s ever an issue, you can fix the problem right away rather than a bookkeeper leaving it too late to keep you updated.


If you want day-to-day visibility and stay in control of the books - rather than handing it all off to somebody you don’t entirely feel comfortable handing everything over to - then you can do it yourself.


If You Want to Avoid Security Risks

There’s a lot of sensitive data involved in bookkeeping, especially when it’s for your business. Not everyone’s comfortable handing all of this to an outsourced professional as this move gives them an inside, extensive look at the crucial parts of your business.


If you want extra peace of mind that nobody but you has access to this information and nobody can breach it, then you can keep your bookkeeping process in-house.


If You Don’t Want to Waste More Money

You work hard to make your business a success, but the taxman is always going to be waiting to take a slice of your profits. It’s clear to see why business owners wouldn’t want to give up even more of their money on a task they can do themselves.


Sure, it can take some time but think of the cost-savings. You’ll avoid hidden charges and long-term contracts and instead, you’ll have the freedom to do it yourself.


Plus, you’ll learn some useful skills along the way if you have a comprehensive yet straightforward digital bookkeeping app.


If Time and Distance is an Issue For You

When you do the books for your business, that’s all you need to focus on. You can’t ask a professional to do the same as they need more clients like you to keep their own business afloat and running smoothly.


The more clients an outsourced bookkeeper has, the less time they can devote to you. Rather than meeting when it’s convenient for you, it could all be on their terms instead.


When you think about how time-sensitive bookkeeping is - especially for a business - that’s not ideal. You have crucial deadlines to think about. This lack of communication and failure to maintain regular updates isn’t going to help your business grow.


Do Bookkeeping Yourself With a Digital App

Perhaps the best way to learn about all things bookkeeping is by getting to grips with an easy-to-use app, like EasyBooks.


Software is supposed to make bookkeeping a breeze, so narrow down your search to an app that primarily includes the features you’ll use.


From customer invoicing and business bookkeeping to financial reporting and online sync features, an app like EasyBooks will make you question why you even thought of handing this task to an outsourced professional.


See How Simple Bookkeeping Can Be With Your Very Own Checklist

When you know what to do, bookkeeping can be quite an easy task. The first step is to understand how to get started, which is why we’ve created a handy checklist for you to keep.


It’s packed full of useful tips and tricks on how to maintain best practice and even the valuable features an app like EasyBooks has to make your life much easier. To get your free copy, click on the link below.

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