March 1, 2019

EasyBooks vs QuickBooks

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Your bookkeeping is massively important for your business. It has to be right, otherwise you could face sanctions or fines for not reporting properly. There are various ways to ensure that your books are always correct, but one best practice that stands out is by investing in efficient and effective bookkeeping software.


In this post, we’ll compare two popular choices of EasyBooks and Quickbooks. It’s important that you get the right one for your business, as choosing the wrong one can be detrimental to your company. So, it's not a decision that can be made lightly.


EasyBooks vs QuickBooks: A Comparison

Customer Invoicing



Remove any stresses that come with customer invoicing with the help of EasyBooks. The app allows you to easily prepare any estimates, sales and the relevant invoices too.


Plus, there’s no need to worry about any papers and you’ll have all of your invoices in one easy application. Send them straight there in PDF format - it couldn’t be any easier and more efficient.

Check your statements to track real-time payments, customise invoice templates with logos and payment terms all at the tip of your fingers. Instantly turn your quotations into new sales invoices and you’re ready to go. You never need to fail to chase or receive payments with the help of EasyBooks and can improve your cash flow dramatically.



Like EasyBooks, track and view real-time payments and the status of any of your invoices. You can easily check their due date and manage your accounts efficiently. Also, customise your invoices to make them look as professional and as on-brand as possible.

Although, QuickBooks requires you to print these off individually or send them individually through email, whereas you can send them directly on the app with EasyBooks.


Business Bookkeeping



Run your business more efficiently with the EasyBooks app. It has every feature you need to help your run without any hassles or worries. Whether you need to automate transactions to save time and focus your time elsewhere, streamline your process or even analyse your reporting so that you can spot any business errors or make any smarter decisions, it’s all possible with Easybooks.

Other features that EasyBooks can benefit your business with are:

  • VAT schemes.

  • Check your bank statements wherever you are, on-the-go.

  • Helps avoid mistakes and gives warnings if anything could potentially crop up.

  • Backup your data. Should anything go wrong you can get back up and running in no time at all.

  • Exchange rates updated hourly so send and receive money from around the globe with no issues.



QuickBooks is another great tool that’ll help with the smooth running of your business. Whether it’s snapping and storing your receipts to ensure that you don’t lose any of them or miscalculate any expense, estimating your tax payments accurately or running payroll, QuickBooks allows you to take control of your business and ensure that you’re working at maximum efficiency.


Finance Reporting



Keep your financial reporting as simple as possible with EasyBooks and make your life easier. Whether you’re checking for overdue payments, comparing your year-on-year tax return or updating your company inventory, EasyBooks will help you clean up your financial reporting and ensure that there are no mistakes.


Some features that EasyBooks offers to help you achieve this are:

  • Complying with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and allowing you to easily file your tax returns in compliant with new laws.

  • Comparing balance sheets and monthly breakdowns easily to improve accuracy.

  • Reports can be emailed or printed for help when presenting them to shareholders.

  • Tracking customer activity.

  • Generating accurate stock reports.



QuickBooks has a great feature that allows you to see how your business is doing at a glance. There's also the option of allowing you to carry out a deep-dive report too.


Your custom reports can be created based on your business requirements in which you can schedule recurring reports at your own frequency of choice.

Get up to date reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statement. Keep track of your overdue invoices and put yourself in the best position to chase for payments to ensure that your cash flow is as up to date as possible.


Use EasyBooks and Make Your Business Life Simpler


The EasyBooks app really is the perfect app to aid your business and make your whole operations much simpler. This a true selling-point with the upcoming MTD deadline looming too. Change can spark mistakes and mistakes with your bookkeeping can prove to be very costly.

In order to be 100 percent ready for the big digital switchover, we’ve created an all-in-one guide for you to download which will help you come to terms with the new regulations before you’re forced to implement them.

Click the link below to grab your free copy.

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