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8 | 03 | 19

EasyBooks vs Xero vs Quickbooks

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EasyBooks are there to make your bookkeeping as simple and as hassle-free as possible. But how do they compare to their main competitors? And why should you opt to work with them over other brands?

This post will compare EasyBooks to a pair of its main rivals, QuickBooks and Xero. Here are the areas we’ll be comparing:

  • Business Bookkeeping

  • Financial Reporting Tools

  • Simple and Effective Invoicing


Business Bookkeeping



EasyBooks has all the tools you need to help you run your business in the most efficient manner possible. Take all the stress and worry out of the day to day operation of your business with this amazing app.


Automating your transactions allows you to focus your time elsewhere, such as prioritising other key business areas and worrying about one less. EasyBooks also helps you streamline your process, which means that there are fewer stages for mistakes to creep in.

Other key features that EasyBooks can offer your business are:

  • Detailed reporting tools for smarter business decisions.

  • VAT schemes.

  • Check your bank statements wherever you are.

  • Spots and prevents future problems arising.

  • Data backups.

  • Exchange rates updated hourly. International trading is no problem.



Another tool that is designed to ease the stresses that come with running a business is QuickBooks. The relatively easy app allows you to access the following features in order to simplify your day-to-day operation process:

  • Snap and store receipts instantly to ensure that all expenses are calculated accurately.

  • Run payroll through the app and minimise any chance of human error creeping in.

  • Tax payments can be quickly and precisely worked out, so you can save time and be safe in the knowledge of when your next payment is due.

QuickBooks allows you to take control of your business and ensure that you’re working as efficiently as you can be.



Xero is a great tool for all your business bookkeeping needs. It offers a handy, easily navigable dashboard that allows you to make smarter business decisions, even at just a quick glance.


Some other helpful features are:

  • Performance tracking tools that allow you to see whether targets are going to be hit or missed. Goal-setting is a feature within the app too which allows you to easily see how far off/over your objective you’re going to finish.

  • Record and update your assets.

  • Streamline your sales process and keep things professional with the customisable tool.


Financial Reporting Tools



Financial reporting is often the dreaded task for the majority of business, but with EasyBooks, it no longer has to be. Keep things simple and be confident that you’re producing the most accurate and up-to-date figures every time.

The financial reporting tools allows you to compare your year-on-year tax return, check and update company stock inventory and see the status of all payments with real-time information. It gives you all the tools you need to produce the strongest data set in order for the most accurate financial forecast you’ve ever produced.

The features that EasyBooks offer to help you achieve this are:

  • Track customer activity.

  • Compare balance sheets and monthly breakdowns easily to improve accuracy. Comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and easily file your tax returns in compliant with new laws.

  • Reports can be emailed or printed for help when presenting them to shareholders.

  • Generate accurate stock reports.



QuickBooks can also help you when it comes to producing them all important deep-dive reports to assess your business’ performance. The app allows you to create custom reports, which can come in handy when you really want to hone in on a particular area of your business and see what you’re doing right or indeed what needs improving.

The key features of QuickBooks financial reporting tool are:

  • Access up to date reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statement.

  • Keep track of your overdue invoices and put yourself in the best position to chase for payments to ensure that your cash flow is as up to date as possible.



Like the previous two apps, Xero is also handy when it comes to reviewing your financial position. The app possesses the following features which make reporting as simple as it should be:

  • Bank connections and reconciliations.

  • User-friendly small business payroll software.

  • Record, claim and manage all of your expenses and receipts.


Simple and Effective Invoicing


With technology advancing, you shouldn’t be wasting your time sending paper invoices and waiting for the customer to get back to you. In the digital era, the common best practice is to email invoices and be paid in a variety of ways to speed up the process.


Well, EasyBooks can make invoicing quicker and even simpler than it already is. The app allows you to:

  • Easily prepare any estimates, sales and the relevant invoices.

  • Access all of your invoices in one place. 

  • Check your statements to track real-time payments.

  • Customise invoice templates with logos and payment terms.

  • Instantly turn your quotations into new sales invoices.



Similar to EasyBooks, QuickBooks accounting software puts a huge emphasis on simplifying the business invoicing process. The app allows you to:

  • Track and view real-time payments and the status of any of your invoices. Check whether they’re overdue or their due date and manage your accounts efficiently.

  • Customise your invoices to make them look as professional and as on-brand as possible.

QuickBooks requires you to either print off the invoices to send them, or use a third-party email app to send them to your customers. With EasyBooks, it’s done at the click of a button all in the same application.



Customisable templates, online payment options to make invoicing easy and automatic reminders are all examples of how Xero tries to make invoicing as easy as possible. Their other invoicing features include:

  • The ability to set up repeat invoices.

  • Don’t waste time sending single invoices - send them in bulk and save time and effort to use elsewhere.


The unique thing about EasyBooks is the flexibility in prices. We offer a Bronze, a Silver and a Gold package so you can choose the solution that's best for your business.


Alternative solutions are usually filled with hidden extras. This isn't the case with the EasyBooks app as the price of our packages includes everything. No sneaky, unexpected extra costs.


Best of all, we allow customers to keep books on multiple businesses with one subscription which is something you can’t get with alternative solutions. To ensure you’re ready for MTD and to make the best business decisions you can, download EasyBooks today.


Make Your Life Easier With EasyBooks

EasyBooks is the simple yet effective way that businesses are now carrying out their bookkeeping. It’s the perfect app to help you avoid any confusions and make sure that you get your books right 100 percent of the time.

Plus, with the upcoming Making Tax Digital (MTD) deadline looming, it makes perfect sense to come to terms with the big digital switch and settle in before you’re forced to.


To make sure you’re absolutely ready for the big change, grab a copy of our free MTD all-in-one guide below.

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