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8 | 02 | 21

Simple Sole Trader Bookkeeping

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Managing a small business can be a bit of a juggling act. There are invoices to send, customers to serve and bookkeeping to do. There's so much involved that many small business owners begin to spend more time on tasks than they need to.


Your expertise is running your business, so to spend more energy on what you do best, try using the EasyBooks bookkeeping app to take care of the rest. We’re talking you through all the features and how they can help sole trader bookkeeping.



Customer Invoicing

The EasyBooks bookkeeping app is all about saving its users time. With the customer invoicing feature, you can create a quotation quickly and instantly turn it into a new sales invoice without shuffling through endless paperwork. 


You can also track real-time payments, email your customers and print or pass invoices to a third-party app, and you can view all sales, credits and payment statements. Plus, you can even customise invoice templates with letterheads, logos, payment terms and all of the fixed content labels.


This not only streamlines your invoicing process, but our customisable templates also help your business look even more professional.


Business Bookkeeping

As a sole trader, bookkeeping can cause a lot of stress, which can cause a strain on relations with friends and family. Using an app that takes care of the hard work will take the pressure off your shoulders and those around you.


With the bookkeeping feature, you can check your bank statements on-the-go, avoid making errors and mistakes and back up all your data that’s secured with a four-digit passcode. Plus, if you’re trading internationally, you don’t need to worry about converting to different currencies, as the app handles over 150 currencies with exchange rates updated hourly. 


With a feature like this, you can finally enjoy a healthier work-life balance.


Finance Reporting

Without an accountant, navigating tax and filing your returns can be a bit of a minefield. This responsibility comes on top of everything else - like delivering products and maintaining excellent customer service. Ultimately, this can make it hard to balance your family-work life, which is why we created the EasyBooks app. 


The app will help you make sure you can easily file your tax returns and create financial reports such as balance sheets and monthly breakdowns. You can generate stock reports, email or print reports and track customer activity. 


Online Sync

Although you love running your own business, the stress of paperwork can be overwhelming at times - especially when paperwork goes missing. The great thing about the EasyBooks bookkeeping app is it’s all backed up. So, if you're tired of managing various spreadsheets and don't enjoy running the risk of misplacing your paper-based recordings, this feature is perfect.


There’s a simple sign-in to retrieve your data and EasyBooks backs up all of your changes. And if something happens to your device, all you need to do is download the app on another device, then sign in to retrieve all of your data.


Plus, if you ever have an issue using the app, go to our Support page, where you’ll find helpful user guides.


Instead of piles of paperwork and drawers of invoices and receipts, EasyBooks enables you to do all of your bookkeeping in one app. It takes all of the complex hassles out of customer invoicing and puts it in one easy-to-manage app. If you’re still unsure whether or not the EasyBooks bookkeeping app is right for your business, you’ll be happy to know we offer a free trial period.


Streamline Your Bookkeeping Processes

Using the EasyBooks bookkeeping app, you can streamline the process and open up your time to work on other areas of your business. Whether you’d like to put more energy into product development or marketing to a new audience, this app will take away the stresses of bookkeeping, enabling you to pour more energy into other tasks. 


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