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22 | 03 | 21

A Simple and Easy to Use Mobile Bookkeeping App

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Before sat-nav and maps on people’s mobile phones, people would use physical maps to work out how to get from A to B. For a long trip, this would often involve stopping at a petrol station numerous times to ensure you’re on the right road. Today, all anyone needs to direct themselves is to enter a location or postcode into their mobile phone or sat-nav, and their device will lead them every step of the way.


This advance in technology has happened across sectors - even bookkeeping. Now, there are mobile bookkeeping apps to streamline the process in a more efficient manner. Here’s why the traditional method of bookkeeping is outdated. 



Why Traditional Bookkeeping Methods Are Outdated

Navigating your way to a destination through the use of a map was, at one point, very conventional. Now we look back and see it as old-fashioned. This is similar to the traditional method of bookkeeping. From the piles of records stacked in small offices to the fear of human error, these issues are fixed with an app like EasyBooks. 


There’s no need to sit for hours at the kitchen table, sorting through your financial records. Instead, you can sit back and relax after work and allow the app to do it for you.


Features of a Mobile Bookkeeping App

We designed the EasyBooks bookkeeping app with small business owners in mind. It takes all of the complex hassles out of customer invoicing and has various features to help you run your business without having to spend hours sorting through financial records. 


With this app, you can easily prepare any estimates and sales invoices, automate repeat transactions and access bank statements on the go.


Its other powerful features include, but aren’t limited to:


  • Filing VAT returns as part of MTD (UK only).
  • Recurring transactions.
  • Manage multiple businesses. 
  • Over 150 currencies with exchange rates updated hourly.
  • Work offline with online syncing.


Benefits of a Mobile Bookkeeping App

Using a mobile bookkeeping app has a variety of benefits for you personally. It doesn’t matter which industry you work in, switching off after work and simply relaxing is a hard task for many people. This is even harder when you’re running your own business, as you don’t have an accounting department to help you out. 


Because we designed EasyBooks with small business owners in mind, we help our users have a better work/life balance. Tasks that usually take hours to do, can be done in a matter of moments on this app. Plus, it works around you.


Whether you’re at a cafe waiting for a friend or travelling on the train, you have all you need to do your bookkeeping in the palm of your hand. This means you can organise your bookkeeping around your life, not the other way around. 


The more hours you spend sifting through financial records to do your bookkeeping, the more money you lose. With a mobile bookkeeping app like EasyBooks, you can reduce the time spent recording financial transactions, saving money to invest it elsewhere in your business. 


Bookkeeping is often the bane of many small business owners’ lives, causing stress that’s now unnecessary. The EasyBooks app puts an end to this. It streamlines the process and will notify users of any errors made, ensuring your bookkeeping is error-free. 


Discover the Benefits of the EasyBooks App

If you’re tired of the endless amount of paperwork bookkeeping brings with it, discover how the EasyBooks app will streamline the process and give you a better work/life balance. From custom invoice templates to error checks, you can try all these features out for free with our trial. 


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