Using the 'My Account' Page

You can manage your Online Sync account outside EasyBooks, using a web browser at Sign in using your username and password to view your account.

What if I can't remember my password?

You will find a link marked Request new password above the username and password fields. Follow this link, then enter the email address you used to register for Online Sync or your username.

If your username is not found, it could be that your account has been removed. Sync accounts with no payment history are deleted automatically some time after expiry. You can re-register with the same email address using the link Create new account.

From your account page, you can:

  • Change your account password or email address.
  • Remove businesses from the system.
  • Remove devices from the system.
  • Share your business data with your accountant.
  • Manage who has access to your shared business or stop sharing.
  • Download a backup of your business.

Your account contains the following tabs:


  • Summary. If you have purchased a subscription, follow the link to update your payment details or cancel your subscription. If you do not have an active subscription, you can purchase an annual subscription.
  • Settings. Used to update your email address and your password. You can also add other email addresses you want us to give support to on your account.
  • Businesses. Lists all the businesses you have uploaded to the service. Clicking on a business shown in the list allows you to view the backup files that have been made by the service. You can also find out which devices are linked to the business. You can delete a business, which removes the online copy and all backups. Note any devices that were syncing simply stop syncing the business, they do not lose access to their local copy.
  • Devices. Lists the devices you have connected to the service.
  • Sharing. Allows another user of Online Sync to access one or more of your businesses. Share access with your accountant to allow them to correct errors, handle your year end and file your VAT returns. For information about how to set up sharing, refer to "Sharing your Data".