How to... (Estimates)

The following describe how to carry out tasks in the Estimates screen.

Add a new customer

Click add above the list of customers and complete the details.

View or modify customer details

Double-click the name of the customer (or right-click and select Account Settings) and complete the details.

Delete a customer

Right-click the name of the customer and select Delete. The option is available only if there are no transactions associated with the customer.

View the total estimates for each customer

This is listed in the Estimates screen.

View all estimates for a customer

In the Estimates screen, click the name of the customer.

Enter a new estimate
  1. In the Estimates screen, click the customer.

  2. Click add above the list of customer estimates.

  3. Set Account 2 to the appropriate income account and complete all other details.

    Note: If you wish, you can split the transaction into separate line items. Please see below.

Open an existing estimate
  1. In the Estimates screen, click the customer.

  2. Double-click the existing estimate.

  3. If necessary, edit the details.

Generate a PDF estimate

Right-click an existing estimate and select Send Estimate. You can print, email or save the PDF as required.

Alternatively, select the existing transaction and press the space bar, or click the Play icon in the thumbnail near the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can also drag and drop the thumbnail to an email compose window, the Finder or other item that accepts PDF documents.

Convert an estimate into a sale
  1. Open an existing estimate, as described above.

  2. Right-click an existing transaction, select Create Sale and complete the details. A tick will appear against the estimate to indicate that it has resulted in a sale.

Access the sale for a specific estimate
  1. Open an existing estimate for which you previously used Create Sale.

  2. Right-click an existing transaction, followed by Go to Sale.

Split a transaction into separate line items
  1. Create a new transaction or open an existing transaction, as described above.
  2. Click add to the right of NEW SPLIT and complete the details. An Add Split option is also available from the action menu.
Create a duplicate of a transaction

A quick method to create a transaction is to duplicate similar existing transaction, as follows:

  1. Open an existing transaction, as described above.
  2. Select Duplicate from the action menu. All details of the original are duplicated except the date.

Alternatively, right-click an existing transaction and select Duplicate.