Introduction to EasyBooks

Thanks for downloading EasyBooks. You're just a few simple steps away from getting started. Before you do, please take a minute to familiarise yourself with what the app can do for you.

What are the main features?
  • Professional Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Time Tracking
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Online Backup
  • Syncs between iOS and Mac
  • Share with other users (full access or read-only)
How do I find my way around?

The Menu provides the main navigation into different features of the app. On the iPhone you'll see this screen as soon as you've created your first business. The menu is shown on the left side on the iPad when viewed in landscape, and is available by tapping the Menu button in the top left of the screen when in portrait.

Almost every screen gives you access to this built-in help system. If you need help working through which fields to fill in when adding a new customer, just tap the help button. You can also navigate using the table of contents, which is available on the left.

How is EasyBooks priced?

EasyBooks is available as a subscription. One subscription allows you to use EasyBooks on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. We have various pricing plans available - see our Pricing Page for details.

What key features are available?
  • Unlimited Transactions - An entry that transfers money between accounts is called a "Transaction" in EasyBooks. For example, purchasing a book of postage stamps would be entered as a transaction to record the date, amount paid and to classify the type of purchase. The app comes with space for 60 transactions so you can try it out and see whether you like using it. The limit can be removed completely by purchasing a plan that includes this feature. Once purchased, you can add as many transactions as you want, across all businesses. Most people purchase this feature after they make the decision to use EasyBooks.

    Included in: Bronze, Silver & Gold Plans.

  • Customer Invoicing - The app will create sales and purchase invoices for the purposes of bookkeeping as standard. This feature allows you to send your estimates, sales invoices and statements to your customers in PDF format. You can change the labels on the invoice, set your own company logo and even add your signature if you need to. The app adds a DRAFT watermark which allows you to use all the features of creating invoices, setting your company logo, sending them by email (to yourself) and so on. When you're happy the feature works well for you, purchase a plan that includes this feature to remove the watermark.

    Included in: Silver & Gold Plans.

  • Time-Tracker - If your business makes money by charging out time to customers, you will benefit from this feature. It keeps track of all hours worked for customers, and uses configurable rules to produce sales invoices automatically. You can add as many workers and customers as you like, and for each combination you can set the billable rates and rules about how to process the hours into sales invoices. The app comes with space for 10 entries, but you can remove the limit by purchasing this feature.

    Included in: Silver & Gold Plans.

  • Foreign Currencies - If you have a bank account in a foreign currency you can set it up in EasyBooks in its own currency. If a supplier invoices you in a different currency, you can do the same. EasyBooks handles 150+ currencies with exchange rates updated hourly. It also tracks historical rates, just add transactions and let EasyBooks find the rate applicable at the time. The value of these accounts when converted to the business currency changes as exchange rates fluctuate, but EasyBooks will keep track of the exchange rate gains or losses and record them in the financial reports so you don't have to worry.

    Included in: Gold Plan.

  • Attachments - Attach photos of receipts, PDFs and other documents to transactions, statements and estimates. These are stored online and available on your other devices. Use these as evidence to show the accuracy of your entries. For example, attach the original bank statement to each reconciled statement, attach receipts to purchases and attach your calculations to estimates.

    Included in: Silver & Gold Plans (iOS 11, macOS 10.12)

  • Online Sync - Our Online Sync service will make sure you never forget to backup your important financial data! Over the time we have been selling EasyBooks, we've been surprised at how many people have contacted us to say they have replaced their device and have lost their data because they have not made a backup. The app features a very easy backup and restore system, which can be used to make a backup copy of your businesses. However, you need to do this manually and it's easy to put it off, or forget completely until it's too late.

    By registering for our Online Sync service, you can choose to keep a copy of your EasyBooks data online. Once you have turned on syncing for your business, EasyBooks sends each change you make, as you make it. This happens silently in the background and does not interfere with what you're doing.

    As well as providing backup, the system also allows you to keep multiple devices (iPhones, iPads and Macs) in sync. Each change you make is tracked by the system and sent to your other devices.

    You can try the service out for two weeks for free, just register for an account at

    Included in: Bronze, Silver & Gold Plans