Getting Started With Easy Books

It can be a bit daunting to start doing the books with a new software package. Hopefully this video will show how quickly you can be up and running with Easy Books.

Easy Books for Mac

We start from the very beginning, first downloading the app from the website, installing it and running it for the first time. We also briefly introduce the sidebar, the accounts panel and briefly show how to manage them. Then, we move on to show how to set up the business under Business Settings.

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This video shows how to get started with Easy Books for Mac.

Let's start by downloading Easy Books from the website at

Simply move Easy Books into your Applications folder. Then open Easy Books by double-clicking on it. The first time you run Easy Books, it finds out the latest version available for your operating system. Click Download Easy Books to download the application itself.

If you are going to use Easy Books often, you might choose to keep the icon in the dock to make it easier to find. If not, you can always find it from the Applications folder, or use Spotlight to open it.

If you're just evaluating Easy Books, we've provided some example businesses which contain enough data to get a feel for how the app handles accounts, invoices, statements and reports. However, in this video I'll dive in and create a new business.

There are various templates available when adding a new business to Easy Books. Choose the template that most closely matches your business.

Easy Books creates a set of accounts based on the template.

The sidebar provides quick access to various parts of Easy Books. At the top, you can select which business you want to work on. I've selected Accounts in the sidebar. The accounts panel shows your accounts and the balance of each one. Select an account to view the list of transactions for that account.

If there are accounts you don't need, just right-click and choose Delete or use the backspace key to remove them. Don't worry - it's easy to add a new account if you need to and Easy Books will protect accounts that are in use from being deleted. If you need to make a change to how an account is set up, just double-click it in the accounts panel.

If you have been running your business for a while or are moving from an existing accounts package, you can enter your opening balances for each account.

Let's add some information about your business. The Business Settings screen is used to set your company name, year end and tax settings. There are also settings that apply when invoicing customers, which are covered in another video. If you don't know your year end, you can enter it later. Likewise, if you are registered for VAT, tick the box. You can come back and set up the details later.

Easy Books can be tailored to suit the features you use and hide the features you don't. Click View in the menu bar, followed by Show in Sidebar and choose which features to show in the sidebar. You can also hide the sidebar, which can be useful if you are short of space on the screen. Once you know the keyboard shortcuts shown next to each menu item, it's very quick to use.

You can purchase add-ons from the Easy Books menu. If you have purchased the Mac add-ons already, this window allows you to restore your purchases. Just click "Already purchased?" and fill in your details. If you have downloaded Easy Books from the Mac App Store, you will be asked for your Apple ID and password. If however, you downloaded from our website, you will need your email address and your order number handy. This starts with EB. Check out the pricing page on our website for detailed information about the add-ons available and how to restore purchases from one Mac to another.

Hopefully that has got you up and running with Easy Books. There is a lot Easy Books can do for you, and a lot you can do to tailor Easy Books to suit your business. Remember, the user guide and help pages are available from our website at together with an increasing number of video tutorials.

Easy Books for iOS

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  • How accounts work.
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