Invoice Settings

Invoice settings are available on the Business Settings screen. The settings are optional, you should use them if you intend to use EasyBooks to produce your estimates, invoices or statements.

Show Currency

Invoices, estimates and statements show the currency code of the business by default. You can use this option to show or hide the currency code.


Enter the address as you would like it to appear on the invoice, using the return key to separate each line. You can also add your office phone number and/or email address at the bottom of the address.


There is a space of 2cm height (0.8") by up to 17cm (6.7") wide at the top of the invoice. This space is reserved for your company logo. The image you provide is scaled to the height available, and aligned on the right of the page. Your business address is indented 4cm from the right side of the logo, so the best size for a company logo is 4 x 2 cm, or about 400x200 pixels. You can of course produce a complete 17cm x 2cm image for the whole top of the page. You can lay out the logo in whatever position suites you, aligning something in the image to the address would mean putting it at 13cm from the left side. If the image is less than 4cm wide, the image is aligned with the left hand side of the address.


The image above shows the key dimensions for a good header image.


You can choose to include a signature on your invoices.

Standard Terms

Your standard payment terms (such as "Payment is due within 14 days from date of invoice") are displayed near the bottom of each invoice. You may also want to include other information such as your bank details or the settlement currency.

Note: You can override the standard payment terms for specific customers in the customer Account settings.

Standard Estimate Terms

Your standard estimate terms (such as "This estimate is valid for 30 days") are displayed on each estimate.

Note: You can override the standard estimate terms for specific customers in the customer Account settings.


It is usual to use the footer to show your business address and company number(s).

Further Information

For details of how to carry out tasks related to Customer Invoicing, please refer to: