Sharing your data

Using EasyBooks Sync, you can share specific businesses with other users. This may be useful for sharing your business with your accountant, or a business partner.

To begin sharing your business, you should already have an Online Sync account and have uploaded your business. Use the Sharing tab in the My Account page.

The person you want to share your business accounts with will also need their own Online Sync account. If they already have one, find out the email address or username they use to sign in with. If they don't have one, they can register for a two week trial account at

Check the box next to the business you want to share. Next type the email address or (if you know it) the username of the person you want to share your business accounts with. You can choose to share read-only or with full access. Finally, click Send invitation to share.

You can use the Sharing tab to manage shared access to your business.

Note: You should never tell anyone else your Online Sync password, not even your accountant. Doing so violates our terms of service and also exposes your data to a third party, allowing them to pass it on to others or add other people's businesses into your account.