Adding or Entering a Stock Item

You can add the details of a new stock item by clicking add located above the central area of the Stock screen. You can view or edit the details of an existing stock item by double-clicking its name in the Stock screen.

Adding, viewing or editing a stock item displays the Product Settings form, which contains the following options.

Options in the Form


Each product should have a unique name so you can identify it easily.


The description is optional. If you add a description, this is used instead of the name when the product appears on an estimate or sales invoice. For services, you may choose to include the units, such as "days".


When you no longer want to sell a product, it can be useful to mark it as inactive to prevent it from being displayed in the EasyBooks product list. Inactive products are displayed only if "Show Inactive Items" is set, which you can access using Preferences in the EasyBooks menu.


A product can be one of two types:

  • Service - The product can be sold, but has no associated asset value. The product requires only a link to an income account that will be credited with the value of any sales.
  • Stock - The product is a physical stock item. The product requires links to appropriate asset, expense and income accounts in order to record sales amounts and devalue the stock as you sell.
Linked Accounts
  • Sales Income - Choose the account to credit with the value of any sales.

  • Asset Account (this applies only to stock products) - Choose an asset account to track the value of stock. This is normally an account in the category Other assets and liabilities, such as "Stock". Please refer to "Using the Stock Screen" for details of how EasyBooks manages stock purchases and sales.

  • Expense Account (this applies only to stock products) - Choose the expense account to use when stock is sold. This is normally an account in the category Direct expenses, such as "Cost of sales".

Opening Cost

This section applies only to stock products. Opening Cost and Opening Quantity are normally zero, unless you already have stock of the product recorded in your asset account.

Current Valuation

This section applies only to stock products that have been previously purchased. It shows the current asset value and the quantity of items remaining. You can change the current stock levels if you need to.

Selling Prices

Choose a quantity and selling price. You can use NEW PRICE to add as many prices as you wish (for example, to offer volume discounts). If, for example, you specify two prices - one for one item and another for ten items - the price for one item is used for any quantity up to and including nine.

Further Information

This help topic describes the options in the form. If you require other introductory information, please refer to: