Backing up Businesses

It's important to keep your data safe. This video explains how to backup your data using Easy Books.


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With a backup file stored somewhere safe you'll be able to restore your data to a new device and be up and running in minutes if your device is lost, broken or stolen.

The backup feature is available from the app's Settings. Pick the businesses you want to include in the backup file followed by Backup. A single file is produced containing all the businesses you've selected.

It isn't a good idea to store your backup data in the same place as the original, because if you damage or lose the device you won't have access to your backup data. So we recommend sending the backup to an IMAP or web based email service such as Gmail, iCloud or Yahoo where your data is stored online.

You can also send your backup data to a service such as Dropbox or Evernote. The backup data is uploaded and stored online. Note that for this feature to appear in Easy Books you'll need to have the apps already installed on your iPad.

How often should you backup? It depends on how often you use Easy Books and how much you would be willing to re-enter should you lose the data since your last backup. The app will send reminders to you weekly. If you prefer not to be reminded, or you'd prefer a monthly reminder instead, choose the backup frequency in Settings. In addition to a regular backup, it's a good idea to backup when there's an increased risk of you losing data. For example, just before you embark on a trip or before updating the OS.

Our Online Sync service will also create regular backups of your data. Every change you make on the device is sent to the service whenever a network connection is available, just look for the green light showing everything is in sync. If you ever need to go back to an earlier backup, these are available online in your Online Sync account.

Performing a backup

The user guide contains information about how to backup and restore your data.

Continuous Online Backup

The Online Sync service provides Continuous Online Backup of your accounts. You can try the service out for two weeks, just register for an account. If you have more than one device, the service will keep your business accounts in sync on all your Macs, iPhones and iPads.

You might find the service useful if:

  • You want to enter sales away from the office.
  • You and a business partner both run Easy Books.
  • You have an iPad and an iPhone or Mac.
  • You forget to make regular backups.

Online Sync is not essential for Easy Books to function, it is an optional extra. The standard backup and restore features are available for manually transferring data between devices and for creating backups.

You can try the service for free for two weeks. To start using the service, use a web browser to register for an account. For more information, see What is Online Sync in the user guide.