Creating a sales invoice

Creating sales invoices is easy in Easy Books. In this video, I show how to create a PDF invoice for a new customer. I briefly mention stock products as a way of speeding up the process.


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In this example I'm selling "widgets" which I've already set up as stock items.

I'm selling some widgets to a new customer, so I'll create a new customer account with their details. Since I'm going to be sending them an invoice I'll fill in all their information in the Account Details screen. Since I already have their details in my contacts I'll use the Copy from your contacts option to make this quicker.

To create an invoice from a new sale, tap the customer followed by Add a new transaction.... Since the sale is dated today I'm tapping and holding the date field to speed things up. In this example I'm selling stock instead of just recording the income so I'll change the income account in Account 2 to the product and set the quantity sold. Note this fills in the amount field and details based on what I've previously set up in the Product Details screen.

Tapping the PDF button in the sales entry form creates the PDF and displays it as a preview. To change fixed content such as the page size, your address, your logo, the customer details or the various text labels used on the invoice, tap Edit followed by Edit Fixed Content.

When you're ready to send the invoice, tap Send. The standard iOS sharing popup appears allowing you to send the invoice by email.

How do I set up my own address and logo?

Refer to Invoice Settings in the user guide. You can also set your own signature image if you need to.

How do I create stock products?

Refer to Entering Stock Details in the user guide. You should enter purchases of stock before selling them because this gives Easy Books the ability to correctly de-value your asset account as you sell stock.

Why do I see a "DRAFT" watermark?

Easy Books allows you to use all the features of invoicing so you can see if it suits your business before purchasing. To remove the DRAFT watermark from all your invoices, purchase the Customer Invoicing feature. You can then send as many invoices, estimates etc. as you lik