Entering an Exchange Rate

Tapping Add a new exchange rate or a rate in the Exchange Rates screen displays an entry form. You can use the form to view, modify or enter the details of an exchange rate between the foreign currency and your business currency.

Further Information

This help topic describes the options in the form. If you require other introductory information, please refer to:

Options in this Form


Specify the date the rate is valid for. If you want to use the same rate for a range of dates, tap the add button followed by Add an end date.

Tip: You can tap and hold this field to set today's date. 


There are two ways to set the exchange rate. You can either set the rate in your business currency or the foreign currency. One is the inverse of the other.

Options in the add Menu:

Add an end date

Adds a new date field to the form. This allows you to choose a starting and ending date over which the rate is valid. Any exchange rates that are already defined within the dates are deleted and replaced by the new rate.


Creates a new rate by duplicating the rate that you have opened.