How to... (Time Tracker)

The following describe how to carry out tasks in the Time Tracker screen.

Add a new worker
  1. In the Workers screen, tap Add a new worker.

  2. Set the name of the worker and tap Save.

  3. To choose the newly added worker, tap the worker in the list.

View hours worked for a different worker
  1. In the Workers screen, tap the worker.

  2. Choose which customer you want to view hours worked for.

Add a rate card for a customer
  1. Choose the worker first, then tap Add a new rate card in the Rate Card screen.

  2. Select the customer, complete the Billing Rates details and tap Save.

  3. Tap the newly added customer to select the rate card.

Enter hours worked
  1. Select the worker and customer (rate card).

  2. Tap Add a new time entry and complete the details.

Create an invoice
  1. n the Time Tracker screen, tap Create Sale.

  2. Choose the date at which all previous un-billed hours will be billed and tap Done.

  3. Make any changes to the Sale Transaction as necessary and tap action, followed by Send Invoice. You can print, email or open the PDF as required.

View the total un-billed hours a customer
  1. Select the worker.

  2. View the list of Rate Cards. The un-billed hours are shown next to each customer.