Searching for a Customer

Do you have trouble finding a customer in your list of accounts? If so, this video will help you find it quickly!

On the Mac, you can find an account quickly by selecting the Customer Panel, then typing the first few letters of your customer account name. On iOS, drag the list down to reveal the search bar.

You can also manage your customer accounts, making old accounts inactive to hide them from day to day view. If you need them again, it's easy to find them. Just use the app preference "Show Inactive Items" to show all accounts, then edit the account to re-activate it.


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If you have lots of customers you might be spending more time than you need to looking for them in the list.

Here's a tip that also works for the main Accounts Panel, it isn't limited to only searching for customers.

I know I have a customer called "Space Savers" that I want to find. To find this account quickly, I click Customers in the sidebar, followed by a click somewhere in the Customers Panel. It doesn't matter where, you could click the CUSTOMERS heading above the list of accounts, or even click one of your customers. Obviously I've only set up a few customers for this demonstration, you will likely have hundreds of customers in your list.

To quickly find "Space Savers", I'm going to start typing the name. So that's an "S" to start with. You'll notice Easy Books highlights the first matching account it finds, in this case "Sensation". It's not what I want, in fact I can see who I'm searching for already a couple of accounts further. But I'll type the next letter "P" and Easy Books takes me straight to it.

I have another quick tip, which helps if you've been using the app for a while and have built up a long list of customers. If there are customers you dealt with in the past, but are unlikely to use again in the future, consider making their account inactive. This tells Easy Books to hide the account from view.

In this example, I have a customer called "Brian's Cafe". I did some work for him a while ago but it was a one-off, and he paid my invoice in full.

Making the account inactive doesn't remove any information from Easy Books, it will still appear in reports where applicable but will hide from the list of accounts. To deactivate an account, right-click the account and choose Account Settings or double click it. Then just un-tick the box marked Active and click Save. The account is removed from the list immediately, making the other accounts easier to find.

But what if I need to bring this account back into the list? That's easy too. Under the app preferences, you'll find an option called Show inactive items. Turning this option on reveals all your inactive accounts. To activate an account again, double click it and tick the box marked Active.

It's best to hide the inactive accounts to reduce clutter, so remember to turn off this option.

I hope that helps when you're dealing with a long list of account