Viewing the History

On the Mac, the history is displayed on the Online Syncing screen if syncing is turned on and active. The screen shows a list of changes that have been made to the business on your device.



What are 'changes'?

Each time you change something about your business this change or list of changes is sent to the Online Sync service. For example, you may create a new account, add a new transaction or reconcile a statement. Each of these operations are single changes although they may be made up of lots of changes to individual fields.

The changes are stored in the service until they can be sent to all your devices. When a device detects that new changes are available, it downloads them automatically. After each change is applied to bring the business up to date, you will see the list of changes in the history.

Note: You may not see the full list of changes because the system also maintains a copy of your business database and keeps it updated with changes as you make them. It may be more efficient for the system to download a new snapshot to your device rather than apply many individual changes. In this case you will see fewer history lines because it is not necessary to maintain a full history of every change ever made.




For details of how to carry out tasks related to Online Sync, please refer to: