Using the EasyBooks Menu

The EasyBooks menu in the menu bar contains general EasyBooks options (and other standard Mac options) that are not specific to a particular business. The following options are available:

About EasyBooks

Displays the EasyBooks version number, copyright information and whether the app was downloaded from the Mac App Store or from the Website.

  • Show Inactive Items - If this is unchecked, any accounts, stock items or services set to inactive in their settings are not displayed in EasyBooks, which may be useful if you want to "declutter" screens without deleting information. You can display inactive items by checking Show Inactive Items. 

    Note: To avoid confusion, transactions associated with inactive items may remain displayed in some screens, irrespective of this setting. 

    For details of how to set an item to active/inactive, please refer to "Entering Account Details", "Adding or Editing a Stock Item" or "Adding or Editing a Service".

  • Amount entry - This determines whether the Amount shown in many screens defaults to include or exclude VAT. 

    If you use the Automatic setting, EasyBooks determines for itself whether the default should be to include or exclude VAT based on the screen you are using. For example, if you are entering an expense from a petty-cash account, the default is including VAT, since the amount presented on any receipt is likely to show only the including-VAT value of the transaction.

  • Backup Reminders - This option applies only to businesses that are not using the Online Sync service (since Online Sync keeps your data backed up every time you make a change. The option allows you to choose how often EasyBooks should remind you to perform a backup of your business data. Any reminders are posted in the Notification area of OSX "Mountain Lion". You can choose any of the following settings: 

    • Never - Switches off reminders. You may want to use this option if you use Time Machine or another backup solution.
    • Weekly - You are reminded to back up about a week after making a change to the data. This is the default.
    • Monthly - You are reminded to back up about a month after making a change. You may want to use this option if you make changes very rarely and can quickly and easily re-enter them if needed.
  • Show Help - This option is used to show or hide the help messages that appear on forms such as Account Details, Product Details and so on.

  • Separate Dr/Cr Columns - Normally amounts in the transaction list are presented as two separate columns, for example one column for money coming in and one for money going out. If you prefer to view all amounts in one column you can turn this option off. Positive amounts show money that increases the balance of the account, and negative amounts show money that decreases the balance.


Displays the Add-ons screen, which allows you to purchase, view, restore and switch off additional functions in EasyBooks. Please refer to the topic titled "Applying Add-ons" for further information.


Check for Updates

You can use this option to check whether there are any updates available for your copy of EasyBooks. Note this option is available only if you downloaded the app directly from the EasyBooks web site. If you installed EasyBooks from the Mac App Store, please use the App Store app to check for updates.