How to (Services Screen)

The following describe how to carry out tasks in the Services screen.

Add a new servic

In the Services screen, tap Add a new service and complete the details.

Modify product details

In the Services screen, tap i and complete the details.

View all sales for a service

In the Services screen, tap the name of the service.

View all transactions (for all services)

In the Services screen, tap All Service Transactions.

Enter a new sale

There are two main methods of entering sales. You can link the sale to a customer account or to your bank account. Using customer accounts requires you to enter two transactions, one for the sale and one for the customer's payment to your bank account. You may need to use customer accounts if either:

  • You need to send your customer an invoice.
  • Your customer will pay you at a later date.

To enter a new sale using a customer account, refer to How to...(Customers).

To enter a single transaction for the sale:

  1. In the Services screen, tap the service you are selling.

  2. Tap Add a new sale.

  3. Set Account 1 to an appropriate bank account and complete the other details. Product 1 is already set to the selected product.

Open an existing transaction
  1. In the Services screen, tap the service. 

    If you are having trouble finding the transaction, tap All Service Transactions instead and use the search function as described later.

  2. Tap the existing transaction.

  3. If necessary, edit the details.

Search for a product
  1. In the Services screen, drag the list of products down to reveal the search bar.

  2. Type the name of the product you want to find.

Search for a transaction
  1. In the Services screen, tap the service if you know it. If you don't know the service, drag the list of products down and tap All Service Transactions.

  2. Tap search.

  3. Search by description, amount, account or account category. 

    Note: When searching by amount, you can type an exact amount such as 12.34 or a range such as 10.00-12.50.

Find your best sellers

The Best Sellers report lists all your products ordered by profit margin.