Using the Transaction List Report

You can run a Transaction List report by choosing Transaction List in the Other Reports screen. You can:

  • Choose an account and review all the transactions linked to it over a date range.
  • Change the date range of the report.
  • Save, print or email the report.
What does the report show?

The purpose of the report is to list all the transactions that affect a single account. The opening balance of the account is displayed as the first line in the report, followed by all the transactions made in the date range of the report. The total debit amounts and credit amounts are shown at the end of the table.

How does EasyBooks pick the initial date range?

The Next Consolidation date specified in the Business Settings is used as the end date of the report. If this date has not yet passed, the report uses current date instead. If you've consolidated your profit and loss, the day after your last consolidation is used as the start date. Otherwise the date of the earliest transaction is used.

How do I save, print or email the report?

In the report screen, click send located in the top-right corner of the screen, followed by one of the send options.

Previous Period/Next Period

Click to view the report for the previous or next financial period. The report will run for the whole of the financial period selected.


Use this option to choose which account is used to produce the report. All transactions that affect the balance of the account are included in the report.

Start Date

You can set the start date to any date prior to the currently selected end date.

End Date

You can set the end date to any date after to the currently selected start date.