Listing Estimates

Clicking a customer in the Estimates screen lists all estimates for the customer. Clicking All Estmates lists all estimates for all customers.

To enter a new estimate, click add located near the top-right corner of the screen. To view or edit an existing estimate, double-click the estimate. To carry out other actions for an existing estimate, right-click the estimate and choose the appropriate option (see below).

Right-Click Options

View and edit

Choose this option to view or edit the selected transaction.

Send Estimate

Produces a PDF estimate, which you can print, email or open as required.


Creates a new transaction by duplicating the existing transaction. This provides a fast method to create a new transaction if it is similar to an existing one.

Create Sale

Creates a sale from the details of the estimate.

Go to Sale

This option is available if you previously used Create Sale on the estimate. The option enables you to access the sale transaction you entered for the estimate.


Select this option to delete the existing transaction. You cannot delete transactions that are greyed out. Opening a greyed-out transaction provides details of why it is greyed out.

Further Information

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