Using the Other Reports Screen

This screen is displayed by clicking Other Reports in the EasyBooks sidebar. The screen allows you to run the following reports:

Financial Reports
  • Profit and Loss - Produces a Profit and Loss report (also known as an income statement) for your current financial period. See: "Using the Profit and Loss Report".
  • Balance Sheet - Produces a Balance Sheet. See: "Using the Balance Sheet Report".
  • Trial Balance - Lists all your accounts and their balances on a particular date. Each account shows either a debit balance value or a credit balance value, listed in either the debit column (Dr) or credit (Cr) column. See: "Using the Trial Balance Report".
  • Monthly Breakdown - Shows a monthly breakdown of the total revenue (income), total expenses (outgoings) and how much profit the business made. The report runs over a period of time, which defaults to the current financial period. See: "Using the Monthly Breakdown Report".
  • Cash Flow - Shows the flow of cash in and out of the business broken down into three activities of Operations, Investing and Financing. See: "Using the Cash Flow Report".
  • Transaction List - Allows you to review all the transactions linked to a single account in a period. See: "Using the Transaction List Report".
  • Audit - The audit report lists all your accounts, their opening balances at the report's start date and all the transactions that affect them balance over a period of time. See: "Using the Audit Report".
Tax Reports
  • VAT Return - Calculate the amount of VAT your business owes and perform a VAT return, consolidating your VAT accounts at the end of each period. See: "Using the VAT Return Report".
Aged Debt Reports
Product Reports
  • Best Sellers - Shows your product sales, grouped by the income account and ordered by the amount of profit each product had generated for your business. See: "Using the Balance Sheet Screen".
  • Stock Report - Shows how much stock you have purchased and sold in a time period. This report can be used to guide a stocktake. See: "Using the Balance Sheet Screen".
Time-Tracker Reports