Setting a Budget

Budget values can be set for income and expense accounts. This is an optional feature, but one that may be of use if you want to monitor and stick to a budget.

Budgets are set up using the Account Details screen.

To set a new budget for an account, choose one of the following budgeting methods from the Budgeting menu:

  • No budget - Don't use a budget for this account.
  • Same amount each month - Use a simple fixed figure for each month.
  • Each month independently set - Allows you to specify budget figures for each month.
  • Use previous year figures - If you already have transactions dating back over the year, you can set the monthly budget quickly to match the previous year's actual figures.

Set the amount per month or for each month displayed.

How can I see if I'm keeping my budget?

To monitor how close to the budget you are keeping, use the Monthly Breakdown report.