Listing Supplier Transactions

Clicking a supplier in the Suppliers screen lists all transactions for the supplier; that is all purchases you have made from the supplier, all payments you have given the supplier, and all credits the supplier has given you.

To enter a new purchase, payment or credit, click add located near the top-right corner of the screen. To view or edit an existing transaction, double-click the transaction. To carry out other actions for an existing transaction, right-click the transaction and choose the appropriate option (see below).

Why are transactions greyed out?

A greyed-out transaction indicates one or more of the following:

  • The transaction appears on a statement. For these, you are not able to change information such as the transaction type or amount. If you need to correct an amount you previously entered, you can edit the transaction from the Statement screen.

  • The transaction is dated before the date of the last Profit and Loss consolidation or VAT return.

Opening a transaction gives the reason why it is greyed out at the bottom of the transaction form.

Right-Click Options

View and edit

Choose this option to view or edit the selected transaction.

Send invoice (purchase)

Enables you to produce a PDF of the supplier's sales invoice, which you can print, email or save as required.

Send remittance (payment)

Enables you to produce a PDF of a remittance note for the supplier, which you can print, email or save as required.

Send credit note (purchase credit)

Produces a PDF of the supplier's credit note, which you can print, email or save as required. This option is available only if the first account is a supplier and the second is an expense or asset account.


Creates a new transaction by duplicating the existing transaction. This provides a fast method to create a new transaction if it is similar to an existing one.

Add tick (purchase or purchase credit)

Marks the purchase or credit as "PAID". A tick will appear against the transaction to indicate that it has been paid. You may want to use this option for a purchase if you have not used Make Payment.

Note: This option does not decrease the amount you owe the supplier. It is provided merely as a visual aid.

Remove tick (purchase or purchase credit)

This option is available only if the purchase or credit was previously marked as "PAID" using Add tick. The option removes the tick and the "PAID" mark on the purchase.

Make payment (unpaid purchase)

Enables you to enter the details of a payment you have made to the supplier for the purchase. A tick will appear against the purchase to indicate that you have paid the supplier.

Go to payment (paid purchase)

This option is available if you previously used Make Payment on the purchase. The option enables you to access the payment transaction you entered for the purchase.

Go to purchase (payment)

This option is available if the payment was made using Make Payment on a purchase. The option enables you to access the purchase transaction for the payment.


Select this option to delete the existing transaction. You cannot delete transactions that are greyed out. Opening a greyed-out transaction provides details of why it is greyed out.

Further Information

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