Adding a new business

This video explains how to add a new business to Easy Books and how to delete the example business.


Further Information

After you've explored what Easy Books can do using the example businesses, you'll probably want to get started using your own data.

It's easy to add a new business to Easy Books. Just tap on the business currently selected followed by Add a new business.

Choose a template that most closely matches your business. I'll use the "Company" template in this example.

A default set of accounts is created. These can be customised to suit your business. Simply swipe to delete accounts you won't use, tap the info button to change the name or set opening balance and drag the list down to add more accounts or search for accounts by name.

Since you've just created the business, you'll probably want to set the name and tax information. Tap on Settings in the menu. This shows settings that apply to all your businesses such as the Passcode Lock and whether to show or hide inactive accounts, customers, products and so on.

To set up your business, tap Business Settings. Note that you can also get to business settings by tapping and holding on the name of the business in the main menu. This is where you set the name of your business, and its tax information.

You should set the date of the first financial year-end that you want Easy Books to account for. This is used to set the default date ranges in all your reports, but most importantly will be used when you consolidate your financial year. See our other videos for more information.

If you are registered to collect VAT or sales tax, turn it on here and set the percentage rates. As before, set the date of the first VAT period end that you want Easy Books to account for and refer to our other videos and online help about "VAT".

If you're planning to use Easy Books to send estimates, invoices and customer statements you should also set your address, logo and standard payment terms.

Deleting a business is easy too. You may like to delete the example business if you've added it to evaluate Easy Books. To delete a business, first select it as the active business using the main menu then access Business Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Business. If you're at all worried that you might need the information again, be sure to make a backup using the built-in backup feature.

Options available when adding a new business

Refer to "Adding a new business" in the user guide.

How to set opening balances

If you're moving from another accounts package to Easy Books, you'll need to set the same set of accounts and set opening balances on each. You can run both accounts packages in parallel for a while if you like, but it's best to choose a fixed date which Easy Books will start from. Wait until everything has been entered into your old package up to this date, then use it to find the closing balances of each account at that date. Re-create the accounts in Easy Books and set the opening balances to match. Only enter information into Easy Books after this date.