Backing up or Restoring your Data

Clicking Backup in the File menu enables you to produce a backup of all data for one or more businesses.

You should back up your data regularly, such as every day or week, depending on the amount of data you are entering. It's important, because if something goes wrong with your device, you could lose all information you've ever entered into EasyBooks. You may also want to produce a backup to send data to a colleague who also uses EasyBooks, such as an accountant.


Restoring a Backup

Restoring a backup is quick and easy - simply choose Restore and select the backup file to start the process. You can restore a backup to an iPhone, iPad or Mac, irrespective of the device you used to produce the backup.


  • You will be prompted to choose the businesses to restore. You do not need to delete those businesses first, since the data in the backup will overwrite any existing data for those businesses. Data for all other businesses you choose not to restore will remain unchanged.
  • EasyBooks must be on your Mac before you begin, but there is no need to reinstall it. Be aware that all data is deleted if you remove and reinstall EasyBooks.
  • If the backup was produced from an earlier version of EasyBooks, it is upgraded automatically during the restore process. However, the reverse is not true - you can't restore a backup to an earlier version of EasyBooks.
  • If you have any worries about restoring data, you can always take a backup before you start, which gives you the option to restore that backup later if you need to.
Using Automatic Backups

We know it's easy to forget to produce regular backups, so EasyBooks has a service that provides a continuous online backup of your data and automatic synchronisation of data between the iPad, iPhone and Mac. This is called "Online Syncing".

Online Syncing gives you peace of mind, since if disaster should happen, you know that you have a copy of your business accounts online. You can try out the service for free for two weeks - just register for an account at

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