Using the Stock Screen

This screen is displayed by tapping Stock in the EasyBooks menu. The screen lists all the products you have defined as stock products, grouped by the asset account they are linked to. Stock has an associated cost component in EasyBooks. When you purchase stock, the value is maintained in one of your asset accounts. When you sell the product, this amount is moved from being an asset in your business to a cost. EasyBooks will automatically create a new transaction between your Cost of Sales and the asset account when you sell stock.

From this screen, you can:

  • View a list of your stock and current valuation.
  • Create a purchase or sale for one of your stock products.
  • List transactions that refer to a particular stock product.
  • Search for a product.
What else can I do?

The Services screen provides a single location where you can carry out all stock-related tasks. In addition to the above, you can:

  • Add new stock products.
  • Modify product details by tapping i
Further Information

For details of how to carry out tasks in the Stock screen, please refer to: