Using Customer Accounts

It isn't always necessary to use customer accounts in Easy Books. So why would you create customer accounts instead of entering transactions as cash-based income?


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In this video I'll show how to manage customers in Easy Books.

But first, why would you need to create a customer account? There are a few good reasons.

  • You want to send them an invoice,
  • They pay you some time after the sale, or
  • You want to monitor your best customers and all their purchases from you.

To create a new customer use the Customers screen. Tap Add a new customer.... If you have the customer in your iOS contacts, tap Copy from your contacts otherwise fill in the Name.

To change the details for an existing customer, tap the info button. When a customer account is no longer needed you can mark it as inactive to de-clutter your Customers screen.

If you need to use the customer account again, turn on Show Inactive Items in the app settings, find the customer, set it to active and tap Save.

The Customers screen shows a list of all your customers and the amounts they owe you. You can drag the list downwards to reveal the search field and two buttons to make it easier to find the customer you're looking for. It can list all customers or just those with an outstanding balance owed to you.

Use the Customer Aged Debt report to keep track of which customers owe you money and how old the debt is. You may decide to chase up your customers for payment when their debt enters the 31-45 day range and older. Consider using Statements to create a customer statement. This shows a list of all the sales, payments and credits together with the closing balance and can act as a reminder for them to settle any overdue invoices.

If your business generates a lot of sales entries and has many customers you may find the Best Customers report of use. This simple report lists your best customers over a date range, ordered by sales value from highest to lowes