Entering Hours Worked

Clicking add at the top-right corner above the list in Time Tracker screen, or double-clicking a time entry in the Time Tracker screen displays a time entry form. You can use the form to view, modify or enter the details of a time entry.

Further Information

This help topic describes the options in the form. If you require other introductory information, please refer to:


Specify the date the hours were worked. For hours of more than one day, you may want to specify the date as the first day you worked and set the total hours in the adjustment field.


Use this field to record what was done. This may be a project code or task description. EasyBooks can use the information to prepare your invoices.


Choose the billing rate. For information about setting up billing rates, see Choosing a Rate Card.

Time worked

Use the two time fields if you want to record the actual times you worked. If you want to just enter the number of hours, use adjustment instead. You can add more times to the form as necessary.

Tip: If you take a single break for lunch, you can set the start and stop times and set adjustment to a negative amount to adjust the time spent on break.



Leaving the start and stop time unset, you can set the total hours worked in adjustment. Alternatively, you can set a negative adjustment to allow for time spent on breaks during the day.

Options in the action Menu:

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