Business Selection

The area at the top of the sidebar displays and allows you to change the currently-selected business. All business accounts, transactions, reports and other information you display or enter apply only to the currently-selected business.

You can add a new business by selecting New > Business in the File menu.

Additional information displayed for online syncing

The icon to the left of the business name displays one of the following colours if the business is set up for online syncing:

green Syncing is currently active for the business and the data is up to date.

orange EasyBooks is connecting to the online syncing server or downloading and processing changes. The business will be synced when the connection is established.

red A conflict error exists or you synced the business using a different online sync username from the one you are currently using. The business will be synced only when you log in using the original username.

How do I delete or change the settings of an existing business?

Note: Deleting a business deletes all of the data associated with the business. If you think you may need the data in the future, back up the business first using the Backup screen.

To delete a business or change its settings:

  1. Select the business in the control at the top of the sidebar.

  2. Display the Business Settings screen.

  3. Change the settings, or choose the Delete Business button near the bottom of the screen to delete it.