Entering an Estimate

Tapping Add new estimate or an exiting estimate in the list of customer estimates displays the Estimate form. You can use the form to view, modify or enter the details of an estimate or to perform an action such as creating a PDF of the estimate.

Further Information 

This help topic describes the options in the form. If you require other introductory information, please refer to:

Options in this Form


Specify the date of the transaction.

Tip: Tap and hold to set the date to the current date.

Customer / Account 1

Choose the customer. It is normal to set up new customers in the Customers screen.

Estimate Number

Specify a description, such as an estimate number.

EasyBooks can automatically generate an estimate number, and can automatically increase the number for each new estimate. If, for example, you enter EST-123-E, EasyBooks determines the next available number (e.g. EST-124-E) and inserts it into Estimate Number.

Do not use digits in Estimate Number if you prefer this feature not to be used.

Account 2

Choose an income account.


Enter the value of the transaction.

Tip: Tap and hold to choose whether the value is inclusive or exclusive of VAT (alternatively tap action, followed by Show Excl-VAT or Show Incl-VAT).

VAT Rate

Specify the VAT rate. The field to the right displays the VAT content and the percentage rate. It is possible to enter the value of the VAT directly into the field, and EasyBooks will show you the percentage rate.

This is available only if the business is registered for VAT, as specified in the Business Settings screen.

Tip: Tap and hold to set the standard VAT rate.


Optionally, you can enter details of the transaction. The details will appear as a line item on any PDF you generate.

Options in the add Menu:

Add Split

Adds a new line item (for example, to create separate line items on any PDF you generate from the transaction).

Note: You can delete a line item by setting Amount to zero, or by swiping from right to left and tapping Remove split.


Creates a new transaction by duplicating the transaction that you have opened. This provides a fast method to create a new transaction if it is similar to an existing one.

Options in the action Menu:

Show Excl-VAT or Show Incl-VAT

Sets whether the Amount is inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

The default setting is determined by Amount Entry in the Settings screen.

This is available only if the business is registered for VAT, as specified in the Business Settings screen.

Send Estimate

Produces a PDF estimate, which you can print, email or open as required.

Create Sale

Creates a sale from the details of the estimate.

Go to Sale

This option is available if you previously used Create Sale on the estimate. The option enables you to access the sale transaction you entered for the estimate.