Using the Attachments Screen

This screen is accessible from many places in EasyBooks. Its purpose is to display a collection of files that may be attached to one of the following types of item:

  • Transaction
  • Estimate
  • Statement
  • Product
  • Account

From this screen, you can:

  • Choose a file to attach. You can add a file from the camera, photo library, file picker or from content you copied to the pasteboard.
  • View thumbnail images of existing files.
  • Choose an attachment to open.
  • Delete an attachment. Files are moved to the Deleted Attachments screen and are stored for 30 days.

Attached files can be used to provide evidence of accurate entries, somewhere to store calculations or a space to store additional information.

When preparing an estimate, you might photograph your calculations of work involved and your costs. This can provide an aide-mémoire if your customer agrees to your estimate.

When reconciling your bank statements, you can attach a scanned copy of your paper statement, or a PDF if your bank offers paperless statements.

But perhaps the most obvious use is for recording the original receipts for expenses and other purchases. These provide evidence of accurate entries should you ever be asked to supply it.

Documents are copied, uploaded to the sync service and are made available to all devices that sync the business. If you share your business with another user, such as your accountant, he or she will also be able to view and add attachments.

Note: The screen is only available to subscribers on the Gold Plan and when syncing is turned on.

What else can I do?
  • Share the attachment displayed in the preview screen.
  • Drag files from other apps into the screen (iPad only).
  • Drag attachments to other apps (iPad only).
What kind of documents are supported?
  • Images (JPEG, TIFF & PNG)
  • Text files (Plain Text, Rich Text, Markdown, CSV, HTML, XML)
  • PDF files
Are there any limits on file size?
Plan: Bronze Silver Gold
Individual File N/A 20MB 20MB
Account Limit N/A 5GB 100GB
What happens if my subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, the system will backup all the files you uploaded into a single archive. Your data will be available to download for 30 days before being deleted. It is not currently possible to restore the links between documents and transactions once the files are deleted.

Can I download my files if I want to?

Yes. Sign in to your account at and find the Attachments tab. You can request a backup of all your files. Since this can take some time to prepare, you will receive an email once the archive is ready. Simply re-visit the page when the archive is ready and you can download it.

How does the system work on devices with limited free storage?

EasyBooks stores copies of files on your device, but alters its behaviour when a device has less than 10% of its storage capacity available. In this case, older files are removed from the device in the order they were added. When you try to view an attachment that has been removed, it will be downloaded from the service, then remain on the device for at least a week.