Using the View Menu

The View menu in the menu bar contains the following options for navigation, changing the text size and for showing or hiding the sidebar.

Many of the menu items in this list refer to the screens available in the sidebar, such as Accounts, Statements, Customers and so on. Some of these are assigned a keyboard shortcut to make navigation faster. The reason for having these listed in a menu may not be obvious, especially if you're used to using the sidebar to navigate. But if you're using a Mac with a small screen you might find it easier to use the Hide Sidebar option, then navigate using the menu and keyboard shortcuts. This frees up some horizontal space, meaning there's more room for content.

Text Size

This menu contains options for making the text size in the app bigger or smaller. There are seven sizes available.


When a transaction such as a sale is selected, or a statement is selected in the Statements screen, EasyBooks shows a preview image of the PDF version in the sidebar. If the sidebar is hidden, use this option to view and send the PDF.

Show in sidebar

You can tailor EasyBooks to show only the features you use in the sidebar. For example, you may not intend to create Estimates. Turn off any features you don't use to de-clutter the sidebar. You can turn them back on again using the same method.

Show in sidebar / Hide Sidebar

This option toggles the visibility of the sidebar panel, showing or hiding it from view. When the sidebar is collapsed, use the options in the View menu to navigate between screens in the app. This option is especially useful on Macs with smaller screens (13 inches or smaller).