Creating a Statement

Tapping Add a new Statement or an existing statement in the statement list displays a screen that allows you to create, modify and view a statement. You can move transactions onto the statement, rearrange transactions and perform actions such as to send the statement to an email address.

About the displayed transactions

The area above "The following lines are not on the statement" lists any transactions that are on the statement you are currently viewing.

The area below "The following lines are not on the statement" lists any transactions that are not on any statement. It includes only those transactions that are dated on or before the date of the statement. Note: If you can see an old transaction in this area, it may indicate an error in your bookkeeping - you should investigate the transaction further.

You can move transactions from the lower to upper area by tapping the up button. You can re-order transactions or move transactions from the upper to lower area (or vice versa) by tapping and holding the rearrange button.

Tapping i enables you to view or make changes to a transaction.

Further Information 

This help topic describes the options in the screen. If you require other introductory information, please refer to:

Options in this screen

Note: You can use the trash (Delete) button to delete only the last statement listed in the statement list.


Specify the date of the statement.


If you wish, specify a reference to include on the statement. If you are producing a statement for a customer, this may be your supplier reference number.

Opening / Closing Balance

EasyBooks automatically sets the opening balance to be the same as the closing balance of the previous statement. You can specify a different amount if you wish (such as for the first statement).

Below the opening balance, EasyBooks lists the total value of all in and out transactions in the statement, and the closing balance.

Options in + Menu

Add missing entry

Adds a new transaction to the statement. You may want to use this if you previously forgot to add a transaction into EasyBooks. EasyBooks applies the transaction in the same way as if you had entered it normally.

Move all

Moves all transactions that are not currently on the statement onto the statement.

Options in the action Menu:

Sort by date

Sorts all transactions in the statement by order of date, starting with the oldest at the top.

Send statement

Produces a PDF statement, which you can print, email or open as required.