Entering Service Details

Tapping Add a new service or i in the Services screen displays the Product Settings form. You can use the form to view, modify or enter the details of a product.

You can also use the screen to delete the product, but only if there are no transactions linked to it. If the product can be deleted, scroll to the bottom of the list of settings and tap Delete Product.

Further Information

This help topic describes the options in the form. If you require other introductory information, please refer to:

Options in the Form


Each product should have a unique name so you can identify it easily.


The description is optional. If you add a description, this is used instead of the name when the product appears on an estimate or sales invoice. If you are selling time-based products, you may choose to include the units of measure. For example "Labour (days)".


An product can be set to one of two types:

  • Service - The product can be sold, but has no cost component and cannot be purchased. The product only requires a link to the appropriate income account to record sales into.
  • Stock - The product is a physical stock item. The product requires links to the appropriate asset, expense and income accounts in order to record sales amounts and devalue the stock as you sell.
Linked Accounts
  • Sales Income - Choose an account so that EasyBooks knows which income account to apply sales income to.
Selling Prices

Choose a quantity and selling price. You can add as many prices as you like to offer volume discounts.


When you no longer need to create sales and purchases for a product it can be useful to mark it as inactive.

Inactive products do not normally show up in the product list screen. If you want to show all products, both active and inactive, see "Show Inactive Items" on Using the Settings screen.