Using the Currencies Screen

This screen is displayed by tapping Currencies in the EasyBooks menu. The screen lists currencies in order of currency code (ISO 4217).

If any currencies are used by the business already, the list of currencies is shortened automatically to display only those in use. To view the entire list, simply drag the list down to reveal the search bar and tap All currencies.

From this screen you can select a foreign currency from the list and view a list of exchange rates between this and the business currency.

Note: The currency of the business should be set first in Business Settings.

Exchange rates are obtained automatically from the web but if you need to specify your own exchange rate you can do so by tapping the currency shown in the list.

What else can I do?
  • Search for a currency by name or code.
  • Add, modify and delete exchange rates.
  • Add a single rate to cover a range of dates.
Why set a rate manually?

When EasyBooks has a connection to the Internet it will request live or historical exchange rates for the date of each transaction. This happens automatically when you are entering transactions, but you may prefer to set an exchange rate manually if:

  • Your device has no network connection. It will not be possible to obtain an accurate rate in this case so it will use an estimated rate.
  • You want to manage rates yourself using your own market data.
Where does EasyBooks obtain its exchange rates from?

There are a number of online sources of exchange rate information. After investigating many of these we selected Open Exchange Rates ( They gather exchange rates for 165 world currencies from multiple sources and blend them to ensure maximum consistency and unbiased data.